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Banned from the WoW forums [Jul. 26th, 2010|03:38 pm]
Here is my email to Blizzard in regards to my being banned from the Blizzard Forums: this was sent to wowcmfeedback as they are who are in charge of the forums

I feel that my permanent ban was issued inappropriately.

the text on the ban reads as such:
Suspended from the World of Warcraft forums for a 1 week period for
discussing forum moderation in addition to abusing the forum report
feature to report threads that did not violate forum guidelines.

Further violations of Forum Guidelines could result in a loss of
posting privileges. This is a final warning.

* 0. @ Former Phoenix Edge Members 07/24/2010 02:15:39 PM PDT

Ok, as all my posts were removed for reasons Im not going to mention
here, lets try this again

What are all the former Phoenix Edge members up to?
*Belongs to Raioul: Heart, Body, & Soulstone*

support your local leatherworker, remember, unlooted skinables makes
the Baby Thrall cry

For the violation in regards to the abusing the report feature. I
reported the bumps of a recruitment thread.
By the CoC which states:
Spamming and Trolling
*Making non-constructive posts

bumping a thread seems as if it would fall under that guideline,
especially with how often they were bumping that thread, usually if it
fell below the top 10 posts

as for discussing moderation.

My thread stated the post had been removed for reasons I am not going
to mention here. That does not say it was removed by Blizzard staff as
moderation means, or by myself for my own reasons, and feel that it is
an unfair reason to instigate disciplinary action on my account.

Tom Allmendinger
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2006 Seatle Kotei [Apr. 9th, 2006|06:59 pm]
[mood |exhaustedexhausted]

Well I guess its time to report on this as I spent time at the Kotei all day yesterday (left at 8:30 am, got home 1:30 am)

Well I took 83 out of 90, YES I GOT MY ASS HANDED TO ME

so lets break it down by what I did

Round 1
Me: Crab Clan (Follower Build)
Opponent: Scorpion Clan (Political Dishonor Build)

Well started out normaly, I got a half decent draw
the Turning point came when he when I dropped 2 political outcasts 2 turns in a row to lock his actions down (bowing 1 of his courtiers to do it ROFL)
I eventually build enough force that he couldnt lock me down and I just walked over and smased his procinces

Round 2
Me: Crab Clan (Follower Build)
Opponent: Unicorn Clan (Full Metal Jacket - Jeremy Oaks, from the same group of players I am in)

Game almost went to time, he won military against me, I also learned about 2 cards I just added to my deck within the last 2 weeks, but I gave him a good fight
(Note, his brother just won the Settle Kotei with a similar Unicorn Deck)

Round 3
Me: Crab Clan (Follower Build)
Opponent: Pheonix Clan (Dragon Buld)

Not much to say here, I met Water Dragon Experienced 2, I killed it, and about 5 or 6 other Dragons in 1 battle, they buy 3 Kanjiros and have a few other 2 force People in play and Sezaru)
I was down to 2 Provinces they were at 3
I commit all my force to taking all 3 of their provinces (seemed sound at the time)
I take the first Province with no problem
2nd province they drop fields of foolish pride (all human personalities and followers are at -1F) I miss taking the province by 1 FRACKING Force
3rd Province they drop 2 Outer Walls (Raising their province strength by 6) I miss taking THIS Province also by 1 FRACKING Force
he committed his forces, and took my last 2 provinces as I had no defense

Round 4
Me: Crab Clan (Follower Build)
Opponent: Pheonix Clan (Dragon Buld)

Plain and simple, gold screwed, this match was against another 1 of the the Play Group, and it was good to see he was handling his deck better, he won

Round 5
Me: Crab Clan (Follower Build)
Opponent: Unicorn Clan (Full Metal Jacket)

To say I was ass raped would be an UNDERSTATEMENT
2nd Turn my opponent brought out Lotomu, 6 Force cavalry personality that gets bigger with each region in play
3rd turn, no regions yet (This was amazing), he drops Arrival of the Obsideon Champion on Lotomu, Permanently making him 10 Force, and proceded to walk arrouind my only defender at the time and take provinces
like I said I wasnt just Ass Raped.... nope, he and his horse not ONLY ass raped me at the same time (talking double penetration here) but then he rode that horse up into my gaping bloody asshole and proceded to dance the disco in my lower colin
Game was over in under 10 minutes

Round 6
Me: Crab Clan (Follower Build)
Opponent: Scorpion Clan (Political Dishoner Buld)

This 1 went along the lines of the first match, military victory after abusing him with Political Outcast

Round 7
Me: Crab Clan (Follower Build)
Opponent: Crab Clan (Follower Build)

I got Gold Screwed and lost, still killed a good ammount of his people

All in all I still had fun, most my matches went to time or close to time, and there was lots of death from my corruptness
my 2 victories against Scorpion were nice
1 of my friends (playing Scorpion) went against 4 Scoprions and won all 4, so between my corrupt and his tainted deck, we carved a nice bloody path through them
in the end my corruption was smacked down by the Pure Crab who still fight against and do not embrace the Shadowlands *hides his oni horns*

Also a Crab Player won 2 of his Matches by hitting 40 Honor
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Bah [Jan. 1st, 2004|04:43 pm]
if you arent able to see my LiveJournal entries its becauce I dont want you to.

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